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The New Gods – Mike Titan & Tali Rodriguez

The New Gods – Mike Titan & Tali Rodriguez
The New Gods – Mike Titan & Tali Rodriguez
🔥1. Apokolips f. Jason Famous Beats
🚒2. Darkseid’s Elite f. Aida, Camarah Walleed & J.Vengeance
🚒3. New Gods f. G Fam Black, P-Ro, IQ & A7MC
🎬4. Dark Ominous Tone
🔥5. Darkseid of Orian f. Aida
🌊6. The Source f. A7MC & 👎🏾Sankofa
🔥7. New Genesis f. Jason Famous Beats
Project is fire. Every beat on here was dope and mostly every feature was dope. Sankofa was rapping but the issue was it was too much, he was saying stuff but rushing the beat and it didn’t need him rapping in silly string. Outside of that tho everyone else snapped. Mike was out here controlling the show on these tracks. Just masterfully incorporating politics, current events, and all sorts of bars while keeping the wordplay consistent. It hit. This for cats who never wash or change they yankee caps they just replace the cardboard up under it to make it look new again. This for rappers rappers. Other folks might not understand. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.
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