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8 P.M. Med Call – King Iso

8 P.M. Med Call – King Iso
8 P.M. Med Call – King Iso
🔥1. R.A.P. f. Tech N9ne & X-Raided
🚒2. Happy
🔥3. Naa
🌊4. Fwtt f. Taebo Tha Truth & Tylynn
🌊5. lmh
🔥6. Speedy Recovery
🔥7. Touch The Sky
🔥8. Otherwise f. Linds
Project is a good time. Love when dude sings and I feel like he don’t do it enough. What he does do in abundance is rap about sad stuff and raps very very fast. Sometimes too fast where the message just blows by. Great beats, hooks, features and raps for sure. The theme is dope too and its all in a nicely packaged 8 piece that can be good for different occasions depending how you listen. If you listen listen you might wind up wanting to vent. If you at the gym and you just got it on you might hurt yourself. In rotation.
8.2/10 – John D.
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