Baby On Baby 2 – DaBaby

Baby On Baby 2 – DaBaby


Baby On Baby 2 – DaBaby
??01. Go Again (Intro)
?02. Drop Dat Diss
??03. Boogeyman
?04. Socks
?05. No Condom
?06. Summa Dat
?07. Still
??08. Act That Hard
?09. Keep It Cute
?10. One Man Army
??11. Call Of Duty
?12. That’s Why I Creep
?13. Blank f. Anthony Hamilton
?14. Don’t Let Em Lie
For 14 tracks this project goes fast, but I don’t think it has the replay value you’d expect from such a quick listen. To wrap this one up, its him putting out something with way less production value and budget but addressing all the things that probably lead to this quality cut, if you are into that stuff then this will bring you in for a listen. Outside of that he is just double time rushing his way through this telling you he still has this or still has that or still will do this and I don’t know if you know but he has shot people. He wants you to know that too. Beats are like better tier soundcloud beats, like generic with a sprinkle of DLC. Pacing is cool makes you realize its not just one song but really 4 songs split into pieces. Its weak, not the worst I have heard but its not good and I don’t think its worth anyones time unless you want a pinch of drama and give into the social media hype of things. Pass on this.
4.5/10 – John D.


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