Harbor City Season One – KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz

Harbor City Season One – KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz


Harbor City Season One – KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz
?01. The Rookie’s First Dead Body (Dialogue)
?02. Heat Wave
?03. Welcome to Harbor CIty
??04. Energy
?05. Drip Club
?06. Holy Water
?07. Vibrate Higher f. AZ hiok is ass
?08. Brooklyn
?09. BK LB Blend (DIalogue)
?10. Community Center
?11. Long Beach Blvd.
?12. Pawnshop Jewelry f. Mrk Sx
?13. Officer Pirelli Schools the Rookie (Dialogue)
?14. 911
?15. 1-800-Get-Hard (Commercial)
??‍♀️16. Stop Playin’ With Kim (DIalogue)
?17. Don’t Forget About Her f. Blakk Soul
?18. Nahdeadassyo (Commercial)
?19. Dead Body
?‍♀️20. Pirelli Doesn’t Like Us! (DIalogue
?21. Underground
?22. Ocean Terminal f. Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeweliet
?23. Game Over
?24. Who Shot Ya (Dialogue)
This project is a good time, you can tell they were having fun in the studio. With skits its a bit too long and even so without them. You can tell this was a mix of idea and some throwaways, because how the hell did that wack ass Energy song make the cut. Even our heros can make a wack song I guess. Not bad otherwise, skits were cool, not the most story driven at times, some made more sense than others or fit with others but I didnt hate them. Raps are here in bunches, I don’t even have to say that, you know what you are here for. They snap, often and mix up real shit, with some personal stories and a whole lot of just rappity rap hip hopper veteran type stuff that old heads ball they fists up for. I am that old head, my knuckles was white for 98% of this. Easily in rotation, we just need Royce and Joe to stop being soft and give us something, mainly Joe.
9/10 – John D.


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