X – Ken Carson

X – Ken Carson


X – Ken Carson
? 1. Intro
? 2. New
? 3. Gems
?? 4. Nobody
?? 5. Go
? 6. MDMA Feat. Destroy Lonely
? 7. X
? 8. PDBMH
? 9. Money Hunt
?? 10. South Beach
? 11. Going Schitz
? 12. Same Thing
?? 13. Freestyle 1
?? 14. Freestyle 2
? 15. Fuk 12
?? 16. Murda Musik Feat. Destroy Lonely
? 17. Delinquent Feat. Homixide Gang
? 18. Get Rich Or Die
? 19. Turn Up
? 20. The End
This album Fucking Sucks! This album upset me for the fact that a lot of these beats are hella dope to me. Those 8-bit instrumentals sound so clean that I’d rather They’d be used for a dope 8-bit video game from the 90’s rather than a rap album (if you can even call it that). This man sounded the same on every damn song. His use of auto tune is the most obnoxious, headache inducing things ever. Is his voice that horrible that he has to mask it with auto tune? Cause it has the same effect as trying to clean shit off the windshield of your car by turning on the windshield wipers, but it’s only making it worse. Please do you and humanity a favor and skip this album, for the love of God!
1/10 – RecklessDWR


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