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Dollar Menu 4 – Mach-Hommy

Dollar Menu 4 – Mach-Hommy
Dollar Menu 4 – Mach-Hommy
🔥1. Gastronomie
🔥2. Smokin’ Kiki (Lonnie)
🌊3. Shukran Don
🌊4. X10ded
🌊5. Bunny Ciao
🌊6. Macabre (A5)
🔥7. Food Grade
🔥8. Maras DonDurmas (Rosewater)
🔥9. 4 Piece(S)
I don’t appreciate features not being listed. Angry nas on track 2 and 7 snapped, who was that? Project is solid. Its him and god fahim just snapping back and forth fucking rapping over some eery but smooth ass beats. Its a good time just gritty back n forth raps with dope features, and beats. This that type rap you show your rap homie who always puts you onto new stuff first. Very dope. In rotation.
7.7/10 – John D.
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