Forever 12 – ShilohBaby

Forever 12 – ShilohBaby


Forever 12 – ShilohBaby
?1. Ghetto Gospel
?2. Hollywood Dreams
?3. Back Then f. Big Doti
?4. False Advertisement f. Case Money
?5. Lonely
?6. How It Is
??7. Meaning f. Case Money
?8. It Ain’t Easy (Forever 12)
This some melodic ass screechy singy raps. Dude sound like a pixar character if they let niggas take the lead. Its a good time got some bay area type stuff some street stuff some of that emotional low volume beat stuff. Not mad at it at all. Cool beats melodies and some young cat substance. This for the tik tok lightskins both male and female to lick they lips too. In rotation just like all the videos people prolly air thrusting to with this in the background.
6.8/10 – John D.


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