Lost Souls – Vory

Lost Souls – Vory


Lost Souls – Vory
?01. Lost Souls (feat. Fresco Trey)
?02. Daylight (feat. Kanye West)
?03. Lesson Learned
??04. Do Not Disturb (feat. NAV & BLEU)
?05. Chanel Fix (feat. Landstrip Chip)
??06. Happy Birthday 2U
?07. CWR Interlude
?08. Mind Games
??09. I.J.S.
??10. Believe In Me
?11. Lost Angels
?12. F**k Being Famous (feat. Beam)
??13. Cindy’s Interlude
??14. Project Baby
??15. Dark Clouds
?16. Not My Friends
?17. Wallo Speaks
This project feels like if you take fresh on the scene The Weeknd and add some PND with a little bit of mild hot sauce and you’ll get Vory. Like this is just mid. Very expensive mid. Like going to a five star restaurant and getting chicken fingers. Production is there def had money on it. But that’s kinda where the buck stops. Imagine Donda but it’s ain’t gospel and Kanye shows up for 30 seconds. Yeah I wouldn’t like that either. Don’t put this in your rotation thank me later.
3.1/10 – LP


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