The Meta – Waxfase

The Meta – Waxfase


The Meta – Waxfase
?1. Fake Love
?2. Duffy f. Bang TDS
??3. Residue
??4. G.O.D. f. ZayBang
?5. No Sneak Diss
??6. Gordon Ramsey
?7. 10th St Freestyle
7 piece is meh. Its got some smooth sounds, but nothing outside of what you can get for cheap anywhere in this music industry. The first song is the only thing that stood out, dope melody and vibe after that it feels thrown away. Its not bad but it doesn’t feel like it mattered to him. You get the vibe that he made 100 of the same types of songs and grabbed the bottom of the barrel. What is crazy is you can tell that he most likely could go off if he wants or even go crazy with the sonics like track 1 but it never gets close. Features were throwaways too. For something this short, it took me an even shorter time to forget most of it. Background music will suffice.
6/10 – John D.


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