5 For 20 EP – Stack Skrilla

5 For 20 EP – Stack Skrilla


5 For 20 EP – Stack Skrilla
?1. Allah
?2. Do Not Enter
?3. Shmurda Dance
?4. Guilty As Charged
?5. For Everybody
This that gritty “my beard is patchy and don’t connect with my mustache” type raps. You got a quick fix for those who love that gritty Griselda type street rap, and dirty beats type wave. Love it, he got a crazy voice and a street delivery. The way he’s talking his talk, he is just giving you straight to the point street raps in a borderline slow burn fashion that hits harder the grittier the beat. He pulls off the smooth too it just does not hit nearly as hard. If you looking for a 5 piece wings with some crinkle fries from the china spot where they also speak fluent spanish and most likely still got some feathers in it, this is the one for you. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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