Gangland – Ike Tee

Gangland – Ike Tee


Gangland – Ike Tee
??1. Criminal
?2. Run Up A Bag f. Sho Deezy
?3. Lil Kid Game$ f. LON
?4. Luv Money
?5. Slyime Luv f. Lean Marley & Lon
This 5 piece could have used some dipping sauces and more seasoning. Not even trying to keep up with the chicken pun but its a bit dry. The content is all gang money shit which is would have been cool if it didnt feel generic. I didnt hear anything I havent heard a million times already. Not much flair in his flow, his bars or even his delivery. The music sounds as unmotivated as he does. Production is just as generic. Its not like terrible but its not even worth a second listen. Very no frills. Whats wild is a few adjustments would make this hit. Pass on this one.
3/10 – John D.


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