2 Alivë (Geëk Pack) – Yeat

2 Alivë (Geëk Pack) – Yeat


2 Alivë (Geëk Pack) – Yeat
??01. Poppin
??02. Outsidë f. Young Thug
?03. Rëal Six
?04. Nvr Again
??05. Luh gëek
?06. Rackz got më f. Gunna
?07. Doublë
??08. On tha linë
?09. Jus bëtter
?10. Jump
?11. Dnt lië
??12. Rollin
??13. Taliban
?14. Narcoticz f. Yung Kayo
?15. Call më
?16. Kant dië
?17. Gëek high f. Ken Car$on
?18. Luh m f. SeptembersRich
?19. Smooktobër
?20. Still countin
?21. Big tonka f. ?Lil Uzi Vert
?22. Kant rëlax
?23. No commënt
?24. 38 f. Lil Uzi Vert
?25. Nëw turban
?26. Hatër
?27. Way back
?28. Luv monëy f. Lancey Foux
??29. Dub
After losing an hour and a half of my life and day I realized the nightmare didnt end there. I started to pronounce words in my head like this dude does. If you do not wanna listen to make a comparison, imagine kids with baby tongue never changing how they speak but being in they 20’s. On top of this being 29 songs they have the nerve to be 3 minutes or longer. Stacking actual shit this high is not only awful but impressive. The beats are awful, bubble gum ADHD type shit, his ad libs, same energy. His raps and singy stuff that he does will probably get him compensation via an 800 number in the future. This type of music and industry plant energy needs to be stopped, real question can his family press charges or can we press charges for the effect its clearly having on the kids?
0/10 – John D.


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