Tell Tale Heart – Metazul

Tell Tale Heart – Metazul

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??01. Save Me From Myself
?02. Long Road
?03. Guardian Angel
?04. Signs
?05. Good Vibes
??06. Bailaremos
?07. Vignette (I rapped on this beat last year on a diff project)
?08. If… f. Rain
?09. Life Is Crazy
?10. Come at Me
?11. Paper Dragon f. Rain
?12. Tell Tale Heart (Interlude)
?13. La Llorona
?14. Nothing 2 Lose
?15. Live Free
This the final mini boss when going up the ladder of wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing white rappers. Everyone on this hit list over wears shades. This project is a battle, he is fighting the beats and the pockets, while those things are just tryna keep it simple and relax. The endless onslaught of off time rhymes finishing bars and such almost feels like if the song had an 100 hp life bar and each of these missteps do 20 damage. Project is like a souls game, its tough to get through, all the overconfident try hard hard flows and such its exhausting. Project has the energy of that one dude who uber eats every etchnic food ever so he can tell people its what he grew up on. Mix and such was weak, content was ok once every 5 songs, feature probably had a gun to her head, or in his case a rusty pocket knife, pacing was way off, like im not sure if this can even use work, this one might be totaled.
1.5/10 – John D.


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