The Shadow In the Shade – Sy Ari Da Kid

The Shadow In the Shade – Sy Ari Da Kid

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?01. The Sopranos
?02. Unbreakable Promises f. Jadakiss
?03. A Gem
?04. Press 0 f. Benny the Butcher
?05. Soul Food f. Trouble
?06. Word To My Uncle Walter
?07. The Good Middle Man
?08. Funeral Arrangements f. Lloyd Banks & Ransom
?09. Darkness In The Abyss f. Mickey Factz
?10. Verbatim f. T.I. & Cyhi The Prynce
?11. On the Come Up DVD
?12. Lock the Bottom Lock
?13. Youtube Type Beats
?14. Poverty Paintings f. Shawn Ellery
?15. Count Dracula
?16. Real Recognize Real f. JR Writer
?17. A Dream, A Plan f. Raekwon & Big K.R.I.T.) [Remix]
?18. Reverse Psychology In Reverse
?19. Better Execution f. Bumpy Knuckles
?20. Timeless Clocks
?21. The New Preemo & Guru
Project is special. You do not get this from just anyone. This project coming early in the year has its sights on album of the year. This is a full complete book, every page written with blood sweat and tears. The crazy part is with the amount of features on it, it never stopped being his project. This project is a proven fact that regardless of hope dope you can rap how technical or whatever, if you rapping real honest shit, you can go toe to toe with anyone. He dropping jewels, industry tea, real life raps, telling stories of highs lows, dark and light. With all of this heavy content, you also have some of the best variety of production I have heard in a minute. You really cant go wrong putting this on. its 21 songs but not a single song slacks. This is an instant classic. Great music.
10/10 – John D.


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