Untreated Trauma – Mozzy

Untreated Trauma – Mozzy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Untreated Trauma – Mozzy

?01. Straight to 4th
?02. Beat The Case
?03. Tycoon
?04. My Life Different
?05. Reebok’s
?06. Whole 100
?07. Slimey
?08. Let You Know
?09. Step Brothers
?10. Again & Again
Project isn’t even mids this is a bag of some Reggie Miller the type of shit when you smoke it at first it’s straight but after a while you just got a headache and a bunch of seeds and stems. Mixing is terrible bro raps exactly the same every track and his vocals sound like they are stumbling over each other constantly. I feel like there’s something here but it needed more time to cook for sure some more love. Also someone should of made him re record some of these verses, bro the whole thing just sounds unfinished. I feel like there’s some content here but there’s just so many glaring issues distracting from it.
3.5/10 – JW


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