Still Stoned on Ocean – Curren$y

Still Stoned on Ocean – Curren$y

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Still Stoned on Ocean – Curren$y

?01. Still Stone on Ocean
?02. Game Tapes 2
?03. Brian De Plama
?04. Angels On The Hood
?05. High!
?06. The Beach f. Jim Jones
?07. The One
??08. Bad Decisions f. Fendi P
?09. Bal Harbor Brunch
?10. World Is Ours
?11. Freezer
Felt like an over extended EP, 3 good tracks with a whole bunch a filler. So much filler that it made the 3 best tracks feel like ? when they don’t even hit that level of awesome either. Safe to say that you just listening to this one to support an OG cause there’s really no other main attraction here. Cut away from the known delivery, the beats were definitely still up to par, mix as well, but nothing to make me return. Nice to blaze through once but won’t be back.
4/10 – T.R.3


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