Shooter Ready – Twista

Shooter Ready – Twista


Shooter Ready – Twista
? 1. Dark Days f. YungBuk
? 2. Prayer
? 3. Coming Home
? 4. Black Rambo f. Black Rambo
? 5. Glock
?? 6. Twista Miculek
?? 7. The World Is Mine f. Do Or Die, church boy scotty
Its been so long since I’ve tapped into a Twista project & I can definitely say it was refreshing yet lackluster as a returning fan. That 1st feature was like trying a new food for the first time that you didnt like that left a terrible after taste. Damn near like Batman swooped in to save the day when Twista finally came in. He definitely brought exactly the flow that makes him a standing legend in need of his flowers throughout this project with the exception of the drill track, yea dont know who’s idea that was but definitely could have stayed uncreated. Besides that one track, the production on this was right in the pocket for the theme. Now, speaking of theme, idk why he decided to run with that hook on Black Rambo nor the intention behind the naming of every glock in existence but it was creative for what it’s worth. Overall, I’m here for the nostalgic flow & honestly nothing more.
5/10 – T.R.3


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