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Dawn Of Chromatica – Lady Gaga

Dawn Of Chromatica – Lady Gaga


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Dawn Of Chromatica – Lady Gaga
👍 01. Alice (LSDXOXO Remix)
🌊 02. Stupid Love (COUCOU CHLOE Remix)
🆗 03. Rain On Me (Aria Remix) (f. Ariana Grande)
🌊 04. Free Woman (Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity)
🌊 05. Fun Tonight (Pabllo Vittar Remix)
🔥 06. 911 (Charli XCX & A.G. Cook Remix)
🔥 07. Plastic Doll (Ashnikko Remix)
🌊 08. Sour Candy (Shygirl & Mura Masa Remix)
🌊 09. Enigma (Doss Remix)
🔥 10. Replay (Dorian Electra Remix)
🔥 11. Sine From Above (f. Chester Lochard, Elton John, Moon Killer & Lil Texas)
🆗 12. 1000 Doves (Planningtorock Remix)
🌊 13. Babylon (Bree Runway & Jimmy Edgar Remix)
🌊 14. Babylon (Haus Labs Version)
Let’s start this off by saying Lady Gaga is a genius, and I liked Chromatica a lot. There’s a difference between singers and artists, and she’s the definition of an Artist. I had to fully & mentally dive into the mind of a dude on acid in a rave to appreciate this project the way it had to be due to the production, and it was dope for a remix project. I liked Chromatica a lot better because it focused on Lady Gaga and wasn’t distracting from the lyrics and messages in it, but a lot of the producers put a lot of hard work into this and it can be heard and appreciated. It was good, but I’m still going to stick with Chromatica as the superior project.
7.5/10 – D.
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