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Fall – Mr. Juse & Piff Habanero

Fall – Mr. Juse & Piff Habanero


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Fall – Mr. Juse & Piff Habanero
👍🏽1. Wild Outside
🚛2. Smooth Operator (feat. Main Flow)
🚮3. Keep Flyin
👍🏽4. Poison
🆗5. Sunset (feat. Feat. Deploi)
👍🏽6. Faded Today (feat. Maq Steez)
🚮7. Ugliest Things
🆗8. Brand New Day (feat. Ross May)
This entire album sounded like two 50 year old uncles thought it be cool to get back in the booth because they saw their nephew doing it. The good is that they do got some bars (they dropped a few jewels) and the mix was clean and clear. The bad? Beats were pretty underwhelming, the hooks just straight up sucked, the auto tune singing didn’t work AT ALL and I couldn’t tell the difference between who was who. There was no clear distinction on which one was rapping no contrast they just sound the same. Oh and the cover art looks like they just lazy af. Super pass on this!
2/10 – LP
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