Parable Of The Lost (Quick Tape II) – Truck North

Parable Of The Lost (Quick Tape II) – Truck North

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Parable Of The Lost (Quick Tape II) – Truck North

??‍?01. Intro
?02. What It Is II
?03. LEvEls
?04. Full Metal Alchemy
?05. Jim Cornette
?06. Live From the Fever
?07. The Village
?08. Gorilla Black
?09. Cazal 643s
?10. Transformer Chopshop
?11. Demigod feat Get Low
?12. Mr. Tibbs
People don’t rap like this anymore. This shit is just aggressive. Punchline after punchline after punchline, street talk, real shit and street gems. Then you have these nasty ass beats, whether they was known or not he was doing them justice. The delivery and cadence never gets old. Just in your face shit, i might have permanent wrinkles on my forehead because of this one. This dude needs some higher quality engineers and to be on all streaming. After listening to this project I grew a Philly beard. This the type of shit that incites violence at family events. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.


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