Kimani EP – Flight

Kimani EP – Flight

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kimani EP – Flight

?1. GotCheck Remix f. ?Blueface
??2. Trip-Trippin f. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em
?3. I Wanna Treesh?
?4. I Didn’t Have the Cameras On f. Sean Kingston
?5. Off Poppin Gone Remix f. Drakeo the Ruler & Fenix Flexin
??6. Muggin
Project is cheeks, I will give credit where its due, the quality is up there and for the type of sound he was going for he did what he supposed to do. That being said this sound is ass, and the content is ass, the features were more ass than anything minus that track 5. Its a mess, but also you can tell it was aimed at what he likes, his following and all that good stuff. I had more laughs than anything but more so those laughs you get when you tell white people to do they dance knowing damn well you not laughing with them. Shoutout to flight for taking a shot at it, I honestly hope this goes far too, get one of these tracks on 2k based off the love he brings to the game with his streams and such. If you bumpin this alone tho your parents probably still hide crayons from you so you don’t eat them.
.6/10 – John D.


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