Language – Vocab Slick

Language – Vocab Slick

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Language – Vocab Slick

?01. Opening Remarks
?02. A.O.M.
?03. When I’m Here (feat. Equipto & Simone Mosley)
?04. Stay Focused (feat. Zion I)
?05. Kensho’s Intro (feat. Kensho Kuma)
?06. Speak My Language (feat. Starski)
?07. What It Is
?08. Atonement
?09. That Money
??10. Moment Like This (feat. J. Lately & Z Rokk)
?11. Find A Way (feat. The Grouch)
?12. Reflection (feat. Katie Thomas)
?13. Welcome Machines (feat. 4-IZE)
?14. Translation (feat. Katie Thomas)
?15. Right Now
??16. 1122 (feat. San Quinn, Dela The Fella & DJ True Justice)
?17. Eyes Wide Open
?18. Take My Soul
Project slides. Dude has a cool voice, delivery and cadence but his content is what hits. Hooks vary, the featured ones hit better but he held his own and took risks on his own. overall his rap style comes with allot of wordplay but not word salad. Hes talking nice, and to add to that every feature he had on here joined in on it. The production is of a super high tier and it all just comes together smoothly. Pacing is nice, the skits (if you can understand the languages spoken on most) all fit the theme, and add a quick break but not too much from the music. There is a bit of variety here too so anyone can find something to rock with on here. This one of those sleepers that the real diggers and backpackers should know about. Not mad at this one at all, in rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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