By the Time I Get to Phoenix – Injury Reserve

By the Time I Get to Phoenix – Injury Reserve

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By the Time I Get to Phoenix – Injury Reserve

?01. Outside
?02. Superman That
?03. SS San Francisco f. Zelooperz
?04. Footwork in a Forest Fire
?05. Ground Zero
?06. Smoke Don’t Clear (sounds like a southpark song)
?07. Top Picks for You
?08. Wild Wild West
?09. Postpostpartum
?10. Knees
?11. Bye Storm
Project is for cats who try to explain the complex flavors of IPA’s knowing they all taste like flavored shit. Entire project made me feel like I was having a stroke and by the end of it I convinced myself that I tasted cinnamon. This project speaks loud to people learning how to mix and master, trying out all the new plugins and effects but never deleting any of them just letting them shits run wild. During the final bounce of this a child ran by just twisting knobs and hitting buttons. If not being sonic or digestible was the goal then this is a 8/10, but to someone not trying hard to be different this sounds like someone going full weird with no rules, boundaries or limitations. Some may call it forward thinking but I just call it a genre spawned from genres that should be categorized as random plugins, effects, noises and such. I couldn’t even focus on the words. Project stressed me out. Yall can have this and yall flavored shit beers.
2/10 – John D.


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