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Pyrex Picasso – Benny the Butcher

Pyrex Picasso – Benny the Butcher
Pyrex Picasso – Benny the Butcher
🎞1. 1st Name Basis
🔥2. Flood the Block
🚒3. PWRDRL f. Elcamino
🔥4. Pyrex Picasso f. Conway the Machine & Rick Hyde
🔥5. ’73 f. Rick Hyde & Elcamino
🔥6. The Iron Curtain
🔥7. Fly With Me f. Conway the Machine
This Benny just dropping off a quick heat pack regardless of the fact that he has been featuring everywhere and hasn’t slacked on a verse in a minute, debatably ever. He also recruited some upcoming heat and got the one person we need him to feature with from his own team at least 10 times a year. This project is dope as hell, its 6 back to back heaters. Production works, its got all the fucking real raps, drug raps, and honestly he type saucing too. It works, pacing is dope, and honestly this is something that dudes with gold rope chains and bmw’s can drive around disturbing the peace with. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.

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