Donda – Kanye West

Donda – Kanye West


Donda – Kanye West
⬛️01. Donda Chant f. Syleena Johnson
?02. Jail f. Francis and The Lights & ?Jay-Z
??03. God Breathed f. ?Vory
?04. Off The Grid f. Playboi Carti & ?Fivio Foreign
?05. Hurricane f. Lil Baby & The Weeknd
??06. Praise God f. ??Baby Keem & Travis Scott
?07. Jonah f. Lil Durk & Vory
?08. Ok Ok f. Fivio Foreign, Rooga & Lil Yachty
?09. Junya f. Playboi Carti
?10. Believe What I Say
?11. 24 f. Vory
??12. Remote Control f. Young Thug
?13. Moon f. Don Toliver & Kid Cudi
?14. Heaven and Hell
??‍♀️15. Donda f. Stalone & Tony Williams
?16. Keep My Spirit Alive f. Conway The Machine, KayCyy & Westside Gunn
?17. Jesus Lord f. ?Jay Electronica
?18. New Again f. Chris Brown
?19. Tell The Vision f. Pop Smoke
?20. Lord I Need You f. Sunday Service (Give that girl you stole this from her credit)
?21. Pure Souls f. Roddy Ricch & Shenseea
??22. Come to Life
?23. No Child Left Behind f. Sunday Service & Vory
??24. Jail pt 2 f. ?DaBaby, Francis and the Lights & Marilyn Manson
?25. Ok Ok pt 2 f. Rooga & ?Shenseea
??26. Junya pt 2 f. Playboi Carti & Ty Dolla $ign
?27. Jesus Lord pt 2 f. ?The LOX & ?Jay Electronica
There are albums that are drawn out, but Ye highkey inceptioned that by adding in drawn out songs into an overly drawn out project. Something about this project makes me feel like im looking at art saying “I don’t get it but I guess its good because I probably couldnt do this” knowing if I put my mind to it and had 70000 people involved I could. First listen this is a mess. The unmixed double backs on these pt 2’s, his tweets about it, no sign of an explicit version. This project is out and still on black people time. Theres allot of overproduced tracks on here, some features who I did not expect absolutely showed the fuck out (Vory, Shens). Ye does Ye things but it felt very in the background, even behind all this overproduction, entire project feels like a crowded room. For every good there is something that takes away, whether it a long drawn out hook, the song being an extra 2 minutes longer than it needs, or songs needing an extra minute and not getting it. Also some annoying sounds that the producers took risks on them being so annoying they stick. Its allot, first listen made me feel like I have an attention disorder, but also like im bipolar, maybe I am, maybe I don’t want to know that about myself. All in all when the dust settles this is forgettable, like there are hints of genius but then its drowned. There are pieces to hold onto depending on your vibe, religious or whatever but as a whole project, no one is running this back because they want to, its because its who it is and who is on it. Its forgettable, but worth a watch for the live show. Maybe when his Snyder cut drops it will be a bit more together, but as far as this version, its like a hot pocket, you waited mad long for it to cook, but when its done its hot on the outside, but got those freezing cold spots on the inside.
6/10 – John D.


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