Same Energy – Bizzy Banks

Same Energy – Bizzy Banks


Same Energy – Bizzy Banks
? 01. Sturdy30
?? 02. City Hot
? 03. Adore You f. PnB Rock
? 04. Azul
?? 05. My Shit
?? 06. Bandemic
? 07. Driftin’
? 08. Genesis
? 09. Pessimistic
? 10. Hot Sauce
? 11. City Hot pt. 2 f. Leeky G Bandit
? 12. Just a Letter
This album is like listening to a 28min song that changes the sample used or tempo slightly every few minutes. With that said, it was cohesive sound wise but missing substance in the lyrical department; every song is about the same thing but if drill music is what your into you won’t be disappointed. The highlight was “Hot Sauce” since that’s literally the only song that sounded completely stand alone, almost like it wasn’t supposed to be there. That’s probably the only song I’d keep in rotation, the rest felt like a posthumous Pop Smoke album with less features.
5/10 – T.R.3


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