Up Now – Cherp

Up Now – Cherp


Up Now – Cherp
?01. Up Now f. A’Don
?02. Thank God For The Trap f. Disco Black
?03. Hustla f. Jim Jones
??04. Bags Chasin After Me f. Jxylen
?05. Real Clean f. Vado
?06. Show You Better f. Johnny Stacy
?07. New Money f. O3 Kosta
?08. Can’t Wait
?09. It’s Lit f. Disco Black
?10. Stuck f. 33 Ether
?11. Eyes Off Me
?12. 4 A Minute f. Ken Blvd
Project is solid, you have some industry standard new wave mixed with some more bumpy hip hop. The mix is nice but theres more of the radio song type shots than there is that aggressive shit. The new age stuff is solid, sometimes a bit overcooked with the effects and such but still solid, features were dope, I wish Capo had an actual verse. This shines when he gets into his punching bag, he says some shit that immediately gives you that slight discomfort on your face when its over 90 degrees and humid out. A nice mix and variety here, songs for everyone honestly. Very solid, and a great way to show versatility in this community. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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