8ch2Owens & DJ Proof: The Waterproof – 8ch2owens

8ch2Owens & DJ Proof: The Waterproof – 8ch2owens


8ch2Owens & DJ Proof: The Waterproof – 8ch2owens
?01. Good Writtens
?02. Busy
?03. Places 2 Go f. Roc Sol & DJ Flo Fader
?04. VCC f. Charles Fast & Kosi Victor
?05. Letter to the Ladies
?06. Jewels f. Ghost of the Machine
?07. Tone Dead f. Serum
??08. Goobers f. Breez Evahflowin
?09. Father Figures f. Godz Will
?10. Go Getters f. Frank Rizzo, Verbalist & Charles Fast
?11. Star Face (Song takes a turn real quick)
?12. Believe
Project is a good time. Its got soul, its got bounce, its got hidden gems and a whole lot of just his life in it. Off rip every beat on here has so much bounce, and bonus for when the scratches come in. Then you have 8ch rapping all over the place, giving us all different types of angles even some hooks. The features on here gave it more of a push because sometimes that contrast is needed, because regardless of the beat, 8 was giving you just intensity which might take away from the actual bars itself. Features came to play, pacing was solid, and it really does feel like a complete project. Its short so the replay value is here even tho its 12 tracks, and you get allot hes talking woke stuff, he gets personal, he has some jokes some of the dad caliber and sometimes he just snap snaps like on track 11 he just goes from story to evil. Not bad at all the intensity and almost one dimensional tone of his cadence and delivery might throw some off but other than that its a good time. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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