The Messiah Complex – Redrum

The Messiah Complex – Redrum


The Messiah Complex – Redrum
?01. Da Intro
?02. Hunger
?03. God’s Watching
?04. Raze da Banner
?05. Chosen4war
?06. Six Feet Under
?07. Rum n Coke
?08. Gladiator Sport
?09. Can’t Refuse
?10. Grime Rate
?11. Sinners
?12. Mark of da Beast
This project is for cats that love to talk loud about punching people in the face. If someone hands you this cd on the street I got money that you are in front of or near a check cashing spot, and its most likely gonna be in a brown paper bag. Every beat and every single rap on here is fire. This is aggressive, this is very 90’s but also got that current day quality. Its clean, the contrast is dope they both snap back and forth all day and It never gets boring. This shit pure evil and done right. Throw this on if you are tryna intimidate and get scary. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.


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