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The Beauty of Misery – D1C3 & Prophetnyc

The Beauty of Misery – D1C3 & Prophetnyc
The Beauty of Misery – D1C3 & Prophetnyc
🔥1. Intro
🚒2. Love Lies
👍🏼3. See it Through
🚒4. Mask On
🔥5. Falling ft. Ayse Billi
It’s dope how D1C3 gives me hints of every one of my favorite white rappers. Clean production throughout, this shit slaps. (Aside from track 3)I don’t think the beat fit the bars well enough but it still scans. Regardless of that I can see myself bumping this for a good while. It’s a consistent vibe all the way through with highly relatable lyrics. Very much here for it.
8/10 -Frankie
🆗1. Intro
😴2. Love Lies
💤3. See It Through
👍🏼4. Mask On
😴5. Falling ft. Ayse Billi
A lot of these tracks are very reminiscent of angry-sad-white-guy-Eminem-type-shit. Track three might be the worst of it, the sad shit clashes with painfully positive motivation music. This is what people who don’t like rap listen to. This the shit playing in the speakers of a workout studio ran by hardcore Christians. Track four was the best execution of what this duo can be. It was the “Mask On” beat but remixed like a Wu-Tang cypher, and they had some good chemistry rapping back to back. Their rapping style works a lot better as something braggadocious, true to NYC, rather then some sad shit we have heard said the same way a million times. Overall this EP brought nothing new to the table and the message they were trying to deliver felt washed out. There is potential for some good raps though, the verses got good delivery and some good bars, but the singing shit does not work.
2/10 – Beto
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