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Pink Planet – Pink Sweat$

Pink Planet – Pink Sweat$
Pink Planet – Pink Sweat$
👍🏽01. Pink City
🌊02. Heaven
🌊03. Paradise
😴04. Magic
🆗05. So Sweet
🔥06. Chains
🎥07. Interlude
👎🏽08. Beautiful Life
🆗09. Pink Money
🌊10. At My Worst
🌊11. 17
🔥12. Lows
🆗13. Not Alright
🌊14. Give It To Me
👎🏽15. Icy
🚮16. Pink Family
🌊17. At My Worst (feat. Kehlani⛽️)
🌊18. Honesty
Pink Sweat$ is honestly a nice surprise. This dude can sing!!! The pacing is a bit up and down but it weirdly works. The beats are a wonderful mix of old and new school r&b, pop and, strangely, disco. My biggest gripe with this album is it’s length. The songs I didn’t like felt like filler and I could’ve done without it so cut them out and he would’ve had a better rating. Still in rotation tho.
7.5/10 – LP

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