Loyalty Over Royalty – CJ

Loyalty Over Royalty – CJ


Loyalty Over Royalty- CJ
?01. Politics
?02. Set
?03. “BOP”
?04. Whoopty
?05. I’m Lit (ft French Montana)
?06. Goin’ UP
?07. Real One
?08. Outro
Compliment sandwich style let’s go:
– this project has the sound of a quality drop, production is clean and the beats bang across the board for the most part.
– content is buns bro is super bland and just spits the same flex bars and vague threats at his ops the entire time the only reason “whoopty” popped the way it did is because the beat SLAPS and it was all over tik tok so he’s going to ride that wave as long as he can.
-I have no compliments left because this project is just all buns no meat there’s no substance it’s the same recycled garbage over and over, oh wait it was short that’s a good thing.
4/10 – JW


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