D.Cure – D.Cure

D.Cure – D.Cure

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D.Cure – D.Cure
?01. Jumpin’ on my Bed
?02. Backyard Quest (feat. Arden Decuir)
??03. D.Core
??04. Paper Route (feat. Adam JD)
?05. Monster (feat. Arden Decuir)
??06. Street Lights
?07. Land Ahoy
??08. Old Friends
?09. Simulation
?10. Rewind
?11. No Raisins (Bonus Track)
This album is for corporate white men who are afraid to listen to rap music. Not a knock on dude necessarily but it’s not a good thing either. The album is clean, the production and the vocals are well mixed, dude can rap but he doesn’t have bars if that makes sense. Like all he can do is just rap. There is no weight to his words. His sound is very backpack which would be a great thing if I could resonate with his lyrics but again this wasn’t made for me. He’s like the dollar store version of Macklemore without the bravado and charisma.


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