Invi$ible Bully EP – V.V.G

Invi$ible Bully EP – V.V.G


Invi$ible Bully EP – V.V.G
?1. Only Built 4 Franco Linx
?2. Back In
?3. Yea I Know
?4. Makin Play$
Project slaps. Production, quality, and RAPS. Dude is punching back to back to back on some street swag shit but doing the new age shit with it. Its dope. Old and new elements combined perfectly. These are all bangers you can bump this proudly any hood windows down. He got a dope voice, and delivery almost like Joyner but if you take out the corny and raps fast to rap fast. It all works. Loop this all day. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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