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The Masking Tape – iNTeLL

The Masking Tape – iNTeLL

The Masking Tape – iNTeLL

πŸ”₯01. Empty the Clip
πŸ‘Ž02. Dead Face (ft 2Harmoney)
πŸ”₯03. Your Name
πŸ”₯04. Do Everything
πŸ”₯05. Lovin It
πŸš’06. Stank Face (ft Pxwer, Zeph Mcfly, 833 & D1C3)
πŸ†—07. Reach Me
πŸ‘08. Inni Jungo (The Lion)
πŸ”₯09. Made it Happen (takeover in Memoriam)
πŸ†—10. Free Money
πŸ”₯11. WAV.Paint
πŸ”₯12. Nasty Lem Lem
🌊13. Smokn
πŸ†—14. Hangman
🌽15. Handz Inda Air (worldwide)
πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚16. Dontae vs the World
🌊17. Proud Of Me (Cha$e Green in Memoriam)

Man this shit is all over the place this is a perfect example of less is more. Overall project is dope but the tracks that were weak were painfully weak, corny hooks perfomed stiffly was the biggest issue for the tracks in question. Other then that project is dope most of the features came out snapping really loved the em feature on track 6 gotta love a posse cut. All in all most of the tracks will be getting spins from me on my playlist.
7.5/10 – JW

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