Demon Season, Vol. 3 – MaxThaDemon

Demon Season, Vol. 3 – MaxThaDemon


Demon Season, Vol. 3 – MaxThaDemon

? 1.Intro
? 2.The Godfather
? 3.Love Me f. Skottie Gatts
? 4.Options
? 5.Personal
? 6.Season f. Ciggy Black
? 7.Drill Story f. Ciggy Black
? 8.Baccend
? 9.Meet Hiiim

Bruh… why are you doing this? You look like your rich family has been trying to negotiate ransom prices to get you home. “I can do this cause my friends are black” lookin ass. I don’t know why a dude who looks like every rich kids school photo is rapping like this. This isn’t the worst drill rap I’ve ever heard, but the fact that it’s clearly all an act makes this entire project fugazi. The adlibs “gang gang gang gang gang” got old after the first track when you said it 463 times in the first 37 seconds. This is actual proof that you can be ANYBODY and say ANYTHING you want and people will still listen to it, because they are also retarded.
0/10 – D


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  1. that was the dumbest shit you ever said go do your homework goofy??‍♂️ he verifed in 2300 block theres hella photos n videos with him with real life babiiez crip og’s next time instead of judgin the book by its cover go do the homework first??‍♂️?

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