Ada Irin – Navy Blue

Ada Irin – Navy Blue

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?01. Twenty
?02. With Sage
?03. Life’s Riddle
?04. Simultaneously Bleeding
?05. Hari Kari
?06. 22!
??07. Crash!
?08. In Good Hands f. KA
?09. ODe2MyLove
?10. Love Is…
??11. To Give Praise!

Project is ok, it has some dope lo fi production but the slow burn flow drags. To the point where I almost didnt hear words. This is like the evil universe of mumble rap because its almost like hes on sedatives. I wanted to dive into it but it honestly kept taking me out of it. Its like one big beautiful song with someone gathering thoughts on it. First listen I just couldnt focus. Some of the songs were vibes and the beats make it but all around I wouldnt run this one back.
6/10 – John D.


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