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Ada Irin – Navy Blue

Ada Irin – Navy Blue

Ada Irin – Navy Blue

📻01. Twenty
🌊02. With Sage
🌊03. Life’s Riddle
🌊04. Simultaneously Bleeding
😴05. Hari Kari
🆗06. 22!
👍🏾07. Crash!
🌊08. In Good Hands f. KA
🆗09. ODe2MyLove
🌊10. Love Is…
👍🏾11. To Give Praise!

Project is ok, it has some dope lo fi production but the slow burn flow drags. To the point where I almost didnt hear words. This is like the evil universe of mumble rap because its almost like hes on sedatives. I wanted to dive into it but it honestly kept taking me out of it. Its like one big beautiful song with someone gathering thoughts on it. First listen I just couldnt focus. Some of the songs were vibes and the beats make it but all around I wouldnt run this one back.
6/10 – John D.

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