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King of the North Star – Napoleon Da Legend

King of the North Star – Napoleon Da Legend

🔥1. Hokuto Shin Ken
🔥2. Nanto Sei Ken
🔥3. Novichok
🚒4. Raoh’s Theme
🚒5. Rei of Hope
🚒6. Yuria’s Heart
🌊7. Big Dipper God Punch f. Nejma Nefertiti
🔥8. When the Soul Dies (Hook stole a diamond from this)
🔥9. This Is Not For You

The beats, the raps, the content, the flows, the clips, honestly everything was super duper on point. Minus 2 hooks this project was pretty close to perfect. He brings it all. This dropped in 2019 and he highkey talking about shit thats super relevant now. This is a student of the culture showing that even tho he is a master now he still can learn. If you do not listen to NDL you really should, he has yet to not be in rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.


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