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Killswitch – The Bad Seed & Team Demo

Killswitch – The Bad Seed & Team Demo

🎥01. Prelude
🔥02. Welcome to Hell
🔥03. Sweet Jesus
🔥04. Bhs
🚒05. Get Down (ft Stuck B & FOH & Poison Pen)
🔥06. It Can’t Happen
🔥06. Shooter Tutor
🎥08. Unc Monk (ft Mikey D)
🚒09. Alpha Male Music (Ft Ali Vegas & Planet Asia)
🔥10. Mama Rose ( ft Napsndreds & Fevermoorefire)
🔥11. Clip Long
🎥12. Team Demo Interlude
🔥13. Duck Around ( ft Wais P & Yogi)
😭14. I Feel Bad

This Project is HEAT the whole thing listens like a classic hood film or like a hood anime on some The Boondocks shit. The whole thing from start to finish follows a kid protagonist and the ending is wild. Conceptually I’m a huge fan of this project. Quality is top notch it feels gritty but sounds clean raps on raps on raps aswell no one slacked. This will get some major spins from me.
8.5/10 – JW


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