Till The Morning (ft. Shlohmo) – Jay Worthy

Till The Morning (ft. Shlohmo) – Jay Worthy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Till The Morning (ft. Shlohmo) – Jay Worthy

? 1.Mastro’s (ft. Shlohmo)
? 2.With U (ft. Shlohmo)
? 3.Ride (ft. Krayzie Bone & Shlohmo)
? 4.You Know (ft. Shlohmo)
? 5.Mama Used to Say (ft. Shlohmo)
? 6.Fur Coat (ft. Shlohmo)
? 7.Till the Morning (ft. Shlohmo)

Alright, so this project isn’t bad, it’s just for a very specific set of ears. The dude can clearly spit cause he killed it on track 4, but the project seemed as if he wanted to try something different. I felt like I was in a trip until track 4 and then slowly went back into one until it was over. Some people would think that’s bad, others will think it’s dope, I just think it wasn’t for my ears. I recommend checking it out and seeing if it’s for you. It still deserves the listen.
5/10 – D1C3


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