Ugly Is Beautiful – Oliver Tree

Ugly Is Beautiful – Oliver Tree

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?1.Me, Myself, & I
??2.1993 ft. Little Rocky ZR3
?3.Cash Machine
?4.Let Me Down
?5.Miracle Man
?6.Bury Me Alive
??7.Alien Boy
?8.Joke’s on You!
??9.Again & Again
??10.Waste My Time
?14.Im Gone

Project hits like early 2000s alternative. Very similar feel to twenty one pilots and My Chemical Romance. I’m very much here for the sad boy type rhymes. The subject matter has a very modern feel to it. It’s funny because if you take one look at the guy, you think you’ll hate it, but if I said that’s how I felt about it I’d be lying. I had fun with it, I could head bang at a music festival to this. Some of the tracks are getting put on my angsty playlist as well. Worth a listen if this is your thing.
7/10 -Frank


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