Kill Rap, Vol. 2 – Mike Titan

Kill Rap, Vol. 2 – Mike Titan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Kill Rap, Vol. 2 – Mike Titan

?1. Tales from the Darkside
?2. Eagle’s Claw
?3. The Void
?4. Revenge Story
?5. True Fables
?6. Serial Chiller
?7. Kill Rap
?8. The Chi

This project was a pleasure to listen to. It was straight to the point and I got strong Mobb Deep vibes on this. At times, I could think I was listening to Havoc spit, and that’s dope. The production hit, lyrics hit, delivery hit, presence hit. Overall, this is a solid project and I will definitely be bumping this more.
8.5/10 – D1C3


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