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Passion of The Bhrist – Sleazus Bhrist

Passion of The Bhrist – Sleazus Bhrist

🌊01. BLE
🌊02. Depression
🔥03. Angel Cry (Exodus ||)
🆗04. Keanu
🌊05. Ohh Ahh
🆗06. Lessons
🌊07. Secrets
🆗08. Millionaire
🌊09. For You and You
🆗10. IDK
🌊11. Losses

Projects straight it’s not exactly my cup of tea but mans is definitely making some vibe music. I fuck with a few of the tracks but it gets to be to much of the same sound for me and I start to tune it out. He’s got a little bit of substance sprinkled in here you can tell he’s got some emotion invested into his art and that’s probably why I’m fucking with this more then I fuck with a lot of new cats doing similar styles. Also his artist name his high tier.

6.8/10 – JW


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