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Think Better – Frank Bosa

Think Better – Frank Bosa

Think Better- Frank Bosa

👍🏾01. The devil is I
😴02. I dont
👍🏾03. Paranoid
🌊04. Do right
🆗05. Troubled youth
👍🏾06. Think better
🌊07. Me and you
👍🏾08. Shine

This project wasn’t bad. The production was good, which for me is important because theres nothing worse than a youtube 2 for 50$ beat filled project. To me, the worst track was “I Dont” because this guy dead-ass said angar instead of anger. I’d like to see what Frank can do if he steps out of this G-Eazy zone. Homie needs to sound more confident in himself especially because the production, mixing, mastering is all top notch. I feel like i heard the same flow on all 8 songs. If this was any longer it would have dragged. He can rap though, solid effort, but the girl that works next to me heard me bumping this shit and thought I was sad, so you set me back a little bit from sucking them titties.
6.5/10 – Brown Boy Wonder

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