Think Better – Frank Bosa

Think Better – Frank Bosa

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??01. The devil is I
?02. I dont
??03. Paranoid
?04. Do right
?05. Troubled youth
??06. Think better
?07. Me and you
??08. Shine

This project wasn’t bad. The production was good, which for me is important because theres nothing worse than a youtube 2 for 50$ beat filled project. To me, the worst track was “I Dont” because this guy dead-ass said angar instead of anger. I’d like to see what Frank can do if he steps out of this G-Eazy zone. Homie needs to sound more confident in himself especially because the production, mixing, mastering is all top notch. I feel like i heard the same flow on all 8 songs. If this was any longer it would have dragged. He can rap though, solid effort, but the girl that works next to me heard me bumping this shit and thought I was sad, so you set me back a little bit from sucking them titties.
6.5/10 – Brown Boy Wonder


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