Dank Sinatra – Pyko Da Syko

Dank Sinatra – Pyko Da Syko

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dank Sinatra – Pyko Da Syko

?01. Couscous
?02. Dank Sinatra
?03. Mayday (ft UnoUp6)
?04. Dale
?05. Fly Route (ft FlyLife)
?06. Loudmouth (ft B.Well)
?07: Paul Walker
?08. SirSkid from Da CornKrib
?09. Buzz Lightyear (ft Nova)

Project was dope dude can spit, features was dope productions was dope, this is a good ass time. There’s nothing that’s going to melt your face or completely blow your mind but I’m a fan now and will be spinning this again.
7.5/10 -JW


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