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ADHD – Joyner Lucas

ADHD – Joyner Lucas

ADHD – Joyner Lucas

📽👀1. Screening Evaluation (Skit)
🔥2. I Lied (Intro
🔥3. Isis ft. Logic👍🏼
🆗4. The War ft. Young Thug 🆗
😂5. Chris (Skit)
👍🏼6. I Love
🔥7. Devil’s Work
😴8. Lotto
😂9. Kevin (Skit)
😴10. Gold Mine
🌊11. Finally ft. Chris Brown🌊
👍🏼12. 10 Bands ft. Timbaland 👍🏼
😴13. Revenge
📽👀14. Comprehensive Evaluation (Skit)
🆗15. ADHD
🌊16. Still Can’t Love ft. King OSF & Fabulous👍🏼👍🏼
🔥17. Will
🌊18. Broke and Stupid

The long awaited album didn’t quite live up to expectations for me. I feel like he got a little too Hollywood on it and that took away from the tracks where he was really bringing the heat. Also a few of these are boring now since the wait was so long. All the features did solid and he brought his as well. Tracks like Will, I lied and Devil’s Work are some of his best songs he’s made. This was solid but I wanted a lot more from it.
7/10 -Frank

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