ADHD – Joyner Lucas

ADHD – Joyner Lucas

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??1. Screening Evaluation (Skit)
?2. I Lied (Intro
?3. Isis ft. Logic??
?4. The War ft. Young Thug ?
?5. Chris (Skit)
??6. I Love
?7. Devil’s Work
?8. Lotto
?9. Kevin (Skit)
?10. Gold Mine
?11. Finally ft. Chris Brown?
??12. 10 Bands ft. Timbaland ??
?13. Revenge
??14. Comprehensive Evaluation (Skit)
?15. ADHD
?16. Still Can’t Love ft. King OSF & Fabulous????
?17. Will
?18. Broke and Stupid

The long awaited album didn’t quite live up to expectations for me. I feel like he got a little too Hollywood on it and that took away from the tracks where he was really bringing the heat. Also a few of these are boring now since the wait was so long. All the features did solid and he brought his as well. Tracks like Will, I lied and Devil’s Work are some of his best songs he’s made. This was solid but I wanted a lot more from it.
7/10 -Frank


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