56 Birdz – DJ Esco & Doe Boy

56 Birdz – DJ Esco & Doe Boy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]56 Birdz – DJ Esco & Doe Boy

?1. 56 Birdz
?2. Pop It
??3. Bankroll
?4. Primetime
?5. Broken Promises
?6. Share My
?7. You Tried It
?8. Whatchutalmbout
?9. Him 4Real

Project is the equivalent to listening to your broke homie tell ladies at a club that hes rich, for 30 minutes then he closes out by getting sad and showing an awkward sensitive side, then finishing the night sadly tryna hype himself up by saying what hes not again under his breathe. The “oh reallyyyy” ab lib is the king of all squishy noise singy rap noises, everytime I heard it I clenched my fist. The beats are all very youtube “how to make a trap beat” and the raps are honestly childish. Gonna toss this one in the insecurity raps section and hope its forgotten or ends up like the tiger kings production studio.
.5/10 – John D.


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