Hard To Be King – Michael Millions

Hard To Be King – Michael Millions

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?01.“Stretch Speaks”
?02. “Sirens”
?03. “Hard to Be King “
?04. “Who You Wanna Be” Feat. Francoise Hamilton
?05. “Blxssxd”
?06. “Leap Through Time”
?07. “Apologize Less”
?08. “Water”
?09. “Thinking of You”
?10. “Bella”
?11. “Happy”
?12. “Sun”
?13. “IPray”
?14. “Black Sugar” Feat. Fly Anakin and Nickelus F
?15. “Moor Hustlin” Feat. Melodic
I?16. “Water Two”
?17. “All Love”
?18. “Untitled 187” Feat. Brionya James
?19. “Kings” Feat. Angie Doe ,Easalio & Radio B

Project Is super smooth production is buttery, all the beats slide and the whole project has a very mellow vibe and even though on some tracks he touches on some heavier ideas it never gets too preachy. I think I really only have two major critiques 1. Project is way to long less is more especially with this slow mellow style. 2. A little more variety some of the songs had very similar vibes and sounds as each other making it hard to focus on each song individually. Dude has some dope concepts tho definitely worth the spins
7/10 -JW


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