Supa Kaiju – Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature

Supa Kaiju – Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Supa Kaiju – Supa Kaiju, Napoleon Da Legend, and Sicknature

?1. Intro
?2. Monster Celebration
?3. Prove Em Wrong
?4. Falling Down (ft. Netousha)
?5. Cut You Off
?6. Once in a Lifetime
??7. War
?8. Return of the Kaiju
?9. Monster at It
?10. Bone 2 Pick (ft. Illvibe)
??11. Sparks of Hope (ft. Manja BP)
??12. Everything Aight

Despite the whack group name, they have made an almost wavy as album. The big throw off is the ??track, it comes with random names being rapped and it pretty much being filler. The ??ones don’t even necessarily belong on this. Not saying they’re whack, but throwing in substance this late is a bad touch. The beats are ?all around. The production slides for the most part. Collage underground radio ready.
7.5/10 – Drake. K.


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