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Supa Kaiju – Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature

Supa Kaiju – Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature

Supa Kaiju – Supa Kaiju, Napoleon Da Legend, and Sicknature

🎬1. Intro
🔥2. Monster Celebration
🌊3. Prove Em Wrong
🔥4. Falling Down (ft. Netousha)
🌊5. Cut You Off
🔥6. Once in a Lifetime
👎🏼7. War
🌊8. Return of the Kaiju
🌊9. Monster at It
🌊10. Bone 2 Pick (ft. Illvibe)
👍🏼11. Sparks of Hope (ft. Manja BP)
👍🏼12. Everything Aight

Despite the whack group name, they have made an almost wavy as album. The big throw off is the 👎🏼track, it comes with random names being rapped and it pretty much being filler. The 👍🏼ones don’t even necessarily belong on this. Not saying they’re whack, but throwing in substance this late is a bad touch. The beats are 🔥all around. The production slides for the most part. Collage underground radio ready.
7.5/10 – Drake. K.

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