Being One – Pauna & John D. Contradiction

Being One – Pauna & John D. Contradiction

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Being One – Pauna & John D. Contradiction

?️01. Game
?02. Waves
?03. Boga
?04. Liar
?05. Rockstar
?06. Church

This project was a very refreshing listen for me. The only gripe is for me is that the first song just didn’t slap enough, but that was quickly forgotten as soon as the next track started. Bars were fire, and when homegirl started spitting in Bulgarian you didn’t need a translator to know she was spitting straight facts, And John D never failed to meet the mark lyrically. In my opinion the production could’ve been a touch better, but it was nothing to take away from the music. I also gave cheif a call and he got back to me and let me know that “This is it”.
8.1/10 – Al Shep On The Rise


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